Active measures heading from The Intercept

Hello everyone,

Please know that Active Measures works when the media is monopolized. The process takes decades, so there is plenty of time to install outlets across the spectrum to support the goals of ever-increasing power struggle and never resolving controversies, allowing the public to cool off (and come together again in a shared reality), or allowing societal tensions and anxieties to be resolved - or even addressed.

The Active Measures Podcast - Stating the Obvious, episode 2 is now live

In this episode, I go through much of the same information - from a different perspective - which Heather Cox Richardson does in her talk, linked from an upcoming blog post on this site. (I just need to add some notes to the post after listening to it again.) Please listen, subscribe, and share.

The recording of my first Internet radio interview is now available

I'm very pleased to let you know that a long-time Internet radio host listened in on my talk last Saturday. She resonated with the material and invited me to fill a cancellation in her schedule the following day. She and her co-host interviewed me for two hours. You can listen to the recording of that interview here.

Introduction to the escalation of American power struggle

There are excellent reasons to believe that we - the American people - are being led to civil war and a subversion of our republic. If we do not understand who the enemy is, and what they are doing, there is no way we are going to be able to preserve our republic, our freedoms, or - in some cases - our lives. This video provides a very quick introduction to a very complicated topic and a way of looking at the world that is not familiar to most people. Please watch it. If you find it interesting and important, then of course, please share it.