Active measures heading from The Intercept

Hello everyone,

Please know that Active Measures works when the media is monopolized. The process takes decades, so there is plenty of time to install outlets across the spectrum to support the goals of ever-increasing power struggle and never resolving controversies, allowing the public to cool off (and come together again in a shared reality), or allowing societal tensions and anxieties to be resolved - or even addressed.

If you trust left-leaning media outlets - or right ones - then this post might be upsetting to you. But, please note that the blueprint for active measures - from page 22 of Love Letter to America - lets us know that monopolizing the media is one of the most important explicit goals of the process, for obvious reasons.

I have been suspicious of The Intercept for some time. They - like other supposedly left-leaning media/pundit/journalism outlets, such as The Young Turks - are busy creating divisiveness all day long, every day, for decades. Eventually, statements on both sides become more and more dramatic: the other side is a threat to human dignity and the rule of law. (Of course, both sides are a threat. It takes two to engage in power struggle and when one party insists on collaboration, the power struggle dissolves.)

Glenn Greenwald, of course, is a recurring guest on Tucker Carlson's show. Since I regard Carlson's show to be one of the most transparently pro-power struggle and anti-reasonableness shows on the air, this is conspicuous to me.

In this case, we have this an email from The Intercept:

For one side to state so clearly another of the most important, explicit goals of active measures - also from page 22 of Love Letter to America: distrust law and order. This rule covers the military, the courts, and prisons - but in this case, the target is the police. If the people are resentful and distrustful of the group which (usually) has a monopoly on the application of violence on behalf of the state, destabilization is the natural result.