And another simple example

How can a false narrative be pushed in order to destroy a society, while pretending to be trying to preserve that very society? Here's an example:

The Daily Beast reports that Fox News vice president and managing editor Tom Lowell sent a memo on Sept. 30 that said, “Starting this Monday, October 5th, the Brainroom Research Team will launch the Election Integrity Project. Included will be a one-stop document broken up by state that showcases different stories where election integrity is potentially compromised.”Could one look at such a project and suggest it actually is a worthwhile attempt to uncover voter irregularities? On its surface, yes. But a Fox News veteran who was not named but reportedly has knowledge of the Election Integrity Project told The Daily Beast, “What it feels like is an attempt to push more baseless conspiracy theories and scare the viewers into thinking the election is being ‘stolen.’ It isn’t. It’s alarming that the Brain Room is a part of this, like it’s an attempt to give it an air of legitimacy. I don’t recall ever seeing anything like this before. … It feels like an attempt to use the Brain Room to try to lend credibility to something that isn’t credible. It feels like a stunt to support Trump’s baseless allegations that the Democrats are trying to ‘steal’ the election. If it is a collection or database of alleged voter fraud examples, I could see it being used to support Trump’s efforts to contest the election results, if Biden wins.”

And, this is an example of reality-upside-down because voter suppression is a part of what the "father of modern conservatism," Paul Weyrich, called for (see video).