Two communities in power struggle

I'm on Trump's campaign email list, and got an email today which included this text:

The stakes have never been higher, Friend, and now that you’re on the team, we need your help to send a message that this is YOUR Country, NOT THEIRS.

This was sent as if Mike Pence wrote it.

The setup here is: there are two communities - not one! - and there is a power struggle about whose country it is. There can only be one winner. No compromise. No collaboration. Just competition.

Is it really true that there are two communities in the United States, and not just one? Yes. That appears to be more true every day. Did it happen on its own, organically, or was it created? It was clearly created by the alternative narrative of Fox News, which casts itself outside the "mainstream" media community. They have opened and moved the Overton Window over the years, constantly, and have added to a culture of non-cooperation and power struggle. I hope that's not a controversial thing to say. Did they do it with the intent of destroying the country? That's how it looks to me, and there appears to be more evidence to support that hypothesis every day.