New poll: 70% of Americans from both parties say...

...that if the wrong candidate wins the election, the country will not recover.

Here's the link to the BraverAngels / YouGov poll.

So, why am I posting this poll? Is it proof of active measures? It does if we consider that people don't come to these conclusions on their own. They come to these conclusions because of the divisive, scapegoating stories they are told. These stories need to have two qualities: a radicalized lack of compromise, and alternate perspectives on every issue, such that these different perspectives can be regarded as entirely different realities. By bringing citizens into a state of radicalization where compromise is not possible - with people being unable to settle their differences without getting into a fight - this process can seem organic. But, that's a quality which Bezmenov talks about. And, it appears to be happening right on schedule in the destabilization phase - radicalization through the "legitimate" warfare of media outlets telling stories which radicalize the population.

Unfortunately, those who believe that this election might bring the country back from the brink of disaster have not been considering the information I've been sharing. Countries don't get into these situations by accident, but they can be brought into such states as this intentionally.