(Semi-)plausible deniability

Just FYI, here is a classic narcissist and active measures tactic, used in click-bait.

The tactic is: don't lie, but say something that is really deceptive. This allows for semi-plausible deniability in general, but complete deniability among the people who have been conditioned to always defend "their side". In this case, the insinuation is that Steven Tyler has died. It's not explicit, but it's very strongly implied. What's explicit is that he will be missed, which is hard to deny. At some point, someone, somewhere will no doubt miss him.

Mitch McConnell used this tactic since the election by saying (in response to Trump claiming victory before that was even reasonable to do): it's common for people to claim victory.

Yes, that's true. But it doesn't address the point, which is that it's not common for a president to claim victory before the votes are counted. That is actually an extremely alarming situation but is treated as if it's normal. This is active meaures: normalize the abnormal. Wear people down. Pretend to cooperate while competing (usually/mostly) within the bounds of legitimate behavior.