Thank you for your interest in Active Measures, how it works, and why it is the only best explanation for what's happening in the United States (and elsewhere) in 2020.

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Introduction to Active Measures

Here is a 15 minute video which summarizes the most important overview information about active measures. From here, you may be able to understand some of the reasons why I believe it's obvious that this "divide and conquer" process has been targeted at the United States for the past several decades, and why I believe that the time is now to create a shared reality around this information so that we can all - everyone who wants to live in the reality-based community - resist going along with the process as it has been designed for us.

Bush 2's speech writer, letting us know what Republicans are...

Michael Gerson knows disinformation when he sees it. He was George W Bush's main speechwriter. In that capacity, of course, he helped to trick the American people into believing that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 and that he would attack us at any moment.

(Semi-)plausible deniability

Just FYI, here is a classic narcissist and active measures tactic, used in click-bait.

The tactic is: don't lie, but say something that is really deceptive. This allows for semi-plausible deniability in general, but complete deniability among the people who have been conditioned to always defend "their side". In this case, the insinuation is that Steven Tyler has died. It's not explicit, but it's very strongly implied. What's explicit is that he will be missed, which is hard to deny. At some point, someone, somewhere will no doubt miss him.

Two communities in power struggle

I'm on Trump's campaign email list, and got an email today which included this text:

The stakes have never been higher, Friend, and now that you’re on the team, we need your help to send a message that this is YOUR Country, NOT THEIRS.

This was sent as if Mike Pence wrote it.

The setup here is: there are two communities - not one! - and there is a power struggle about whose country it is. There can only be one winner. No compromise. No collaboration. Just competition.