Letter to the Editor

This is a draft letter to the editor which you can send to your local newspaper. Feel free to edit it as makes sense. (Some newspapers will have word limits. This version has 307 words, if you include your two word name at the bottom.)

There is an established, proven process for destroying open societies. It was developed and used by the USA and the USSR during the Cold War and beyond to take control of developing countries around the world. Most recently, it has been used in the Ukraine, the Republic of Georgia, and Estonia. This process, famously described by Soviet defector Yuri Bezemenov in 1984, is called Active Measures - a.k.a. Ideological Subversion.

Over decades, the divisive and misleading strategies of Active Measures are used to undermine trust in social institutions, and destroy society from within, resulting in competing factions which are then led into an ever-escalating power struggle with each other, the end result of which is the destabilization and destruction of their own country. Today we see the results of Active Measures in ever-escalating party antagonisms and disunity; the politicization of religion; and the escalation of racial "otheration", among other such effects.; Distrust has become the norm regarding any previously shared source of truth, including the media, science, elections, Congress, the courts, and the Presidency itself.

We are now in the late stages of this process. The inevitable result of this social dissolution is a crisis in which the institutions of society are overwhelmed and brought to fail. This will, in turn, create a power vacuum which will be filled by a conveniently-delivered “savior”--in reality an agent of the Active Measures campaign-- at just the right time.

However, all is not lost! Bezmenov says that by using spiritual power and moral superiority, we can come together as a single community to denounce divisiveness, polarization, and party antagonisms. We can set aside ideology and collaborate on practical solutions to our problems.

I give a talk every week on this topic, Saturdays at 3 pm, on zoom. See https://peaceful.ly for more information.

Thank you,